Victoria to Sooke Transportation

Victoria to Sooke Transportation

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Victoria Shuttle Services to Sooke


Victoria Shuttle Services cover every city in British Columbia, including Sooke. These shuttle services are great for corporate transportation, special events such as weddings and airport transfers. Any service from Victoria to Sooke is worth looking into. Shuttles run $199 each way and have up to 14 seats each.  The reasons why you should consider using these services as a company include:




Services by Victoria to Sooke are pegged on your company’s itinerary. The driver picks up the employees at the agreed pickup point, including the airport if these are airport transfer services. Your employees do not have to wait for a cab or any other mode of public transport as the shuttles always arrive on time.


Comfort and Exclusivity


The services from Victoria to Sooke are arranged to cater for your employees only. Once you have the Victoria to Sooke on demand shuttle, it caters for your booking until everyone has reached their destination. Therefore, only your employees will ride the shuttle making it exclusive. The shuttle has sitting space of up to 14 people with light luggage.


However, with full luggage, the shuttle can fit 12 people. Your staff members also get to pick their neighbour which is an option that is not available in other means of transport. They are also comfortable since the shuttles have coach style seating which is also spacious. There is enough leg room, and your employees will feel cared for as these services are the best.




Unlike other shuttle services, Victoria to Sooke services are reasonable and affordable. They cost $299 which is relatively cheap considering how popular they are. If you divide this cost across an average of ten employees and the luggage they have, this is a good bargain.


Timely Arrival


Because Victoria to Sooke drivers are conversant with the different routes, they are able to navigate through traffic and get the passengers to their destination on time. Your company will have favour with the employees who do not get to sit in traffic but instead breeze through and arrive on time.


Safety and Hygiene


Victoria to Sooke shuttles are well maintained and always serviced. They are always kept clean to ensure that every passenger is in an environment that promotes health and safety. These shuttles also have trained and experienced drivers. These drivers ensure that each passenger is catered to and not put in harm’s way.


This is different from other means of transport where the driver does not have responsibility over the passengers. This falls in line with most company regulations which require their employees to always have health and safety measures, not only at the workplace but even in the travel policy.


If your company is in Sooke and needs corporate shuttles for employees to and from the office, Victoria to Sooke services will serve you well. The same applies if your premises are elsewhere but some of your employees reside in Sooke. One of the indirect but best advantages that you get from these shuttle services is that you get to be mindful of the environment by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.