Victoria to Nanaimo Transportation

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Victoria to Nanaimo Transportation


We at Victoria Minibus provide a reliable transportation service from Victoria to Nanaimo. When you hire our minibus, you will get to your destination as quick and safe as possible. Our services are recommended for a group of travellers who want the most convenient Victoria transfer. We offer the best Victoria to Nanaimo transportation service, and our drivers will make sure that your ride is smooth and safe.


Not only is our Victoria to Nanaimo transportation service the most reliable in the area, we also provide great value. Plus, you and the rest of your group will be travelling in style. Our guarantee is that we will get your group to your destination in Nanaimo on time.


Stop at the Top of the Malahat for Photos


On the way to Nanaimo, we can stop at the top of the Malahat for photos. The best thing about our Victoria to Nanaimo transportation service is that you have full control of the route. You can ask the driver to take you to the best spots along the Malahat for photo opportunities.


There are various rest stops and viewpoints along the highway that provides a great view of the Gulf Islands and the Saannich Peninsula. The one that provides the best views of the surrounding area is the Malahat Summit. Make sure that it is one of the stops on your way to Nanaimo.


Comfortable Seating


One of the advantages of employing our Victoria to Nanaimo transportation service is that we guarantee all our passengers are comfortable during the trip. Our minibus can fit up to 14 people, and there is no minimum number of passengers. Our buses are new models of Ford Transits that features individual seats with armrests, and a high roof.


We promise that you will be travelling in comfort and style when you choose our transportation services. All passengers will have plenty of legroom. And with large windows, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful sceneries while you are on the Malahat.


Airport to Airport Transfer


We provide 24-hour airport transfer services. Our team will be waiting for your group to arrive, whether it is at the domestic or international arrivals. Our minibuses have enough room for your group’s luggage. We will make sure that you get to the Nanaimo Airport on time for your next flight. When you book our Victoria to Nanaimo transportation service, be sure to give us your flight details. That way our driver will know when to expect your arrival.


Private and On Schedule


Travelling with a group can be hectic. To ensure that all members of the group stay together when travelling to Nanaimo, consider booking a minibus. It is the best Victoria to Nanaimo transportation option available, especially for groups of five or more.


And when you employ our services, we will make sure that your journey will be on schedule. Your group will also enjoy all the perks of travelling on a private minibus. There’s no need to worry about other people because the vehicle belongs to your group all throughout the trip.